Our Company

Estate World is a leading realty firm in Mumbai for more than a quarter of a century. We have been offering quality services such as buying and selling, along with renting and leasing, as well as property investment & property management for both resident and non - resident Indians for a quarter of a century.

Our area of operations comprise of the Western suburbs of Mumbai, from Bandra to Malad and up to Powai on the Central side. We cover a vast area from our central position at Andheri (West) in order to provide a large variety of choices for our clients.

Mumbai is the finance capital of India, referred to as ”Urbs Prima in Indis” The Western suburbs are where the cream of Mumbai’s citizens live and work, and where the famed Mumbai film industry, Bollywood, makes its home.

We’re in the United States too. Mr. Rajan Ajwani has started operations in Tampa, Florida, U.S.A (License # SL 3360226).

We have successfully helped our huge customer base to buy / sell their homes and lease residential or commercial properties for the last 25 years. Our standards of service have helped us achieve one of the highest rates of client retention in our sector.

Rajan Ajwani


Rajan Ajwani, the firm’s founder, has been a presence in the realty field in the Western suburbs for a quarter of a century. Rajan is well known in the industry for his uncanny ability to precisely pinpoint a client’s needs, and zero in on the properties that would match the customer’s requirements. He has an innate understanding of customer needs and a deep understanding of the realty market, which enables him to deliver high quality services and advice to clients. Rajan’s engineering background has produced in him a high level of professionalism, which has been a crucial factor in the rise of Estate World. We have also expanded our services to Tampa, Florida, U.S.A, where Mr Rajan has acquired his realtor’s license.

Rohit Gangwani


Rohit Gangwani has been with Estate World since its inception, and is a key factor in the functioning of the firm. His painstaking groundwork and flair for documentation have played a major role in making the firm what it is today, and his emphatic attitude and willingness to go the extra mile in client service have ensured that Estate World has one of the highest client retention rates in the industry.